A well known Canadian Professor, David Black, has been doing a series of webinars attempting to debunk conspiracy theory. Is his theory about conspiracy theories accurate and honest?

"Communication and Culture Assoc. Prof. David Black was interviewed for CTV News about the appeal of COVID-19 conspiracy theories. Here is an excerpt:

David Black, a communications theorist at Royal Roads University in British Columbia, explains that people are searching even more desperately for answers – ones that not only help make sense of what’s going on, but are easy to accept.

"Conspiracy theory often is more psychologically pleasing and convenient [than reality] – it makes simpler sense than a complex phenomenon,” Black told CTVNews.ca on Monday over the phone. “Its primal simplicity cuts through the noise and confusion and uncertainty that is the world on a normal day, but especially during a pandemic." The interview appeared on CTV News."

CTV news article: Why people are drawn to COVID-19 conspiracy theories https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/why-people-are-drawn-to-covid-19-conspiracy-theories-1.4936176

In this episode fo Truth Warrior, I invite back Michael Tsarion for an in depth analysis of Black's public statements to see if they hold water...

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