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My name is Dave and I live in beautiful B.C. Canada. I am a father of two beautiful girls, and a podcaster that creates unique content related to all things martial arts, philosophy, self actualization, optimal health, current events & ancient mysteries. (ancient mysteries...whaaaaat!?!?)

I am an entrepreneur in the field of health & wellness, and have been studying martial arts, comparative religion & mythology, philosophy, political science, and esoteric subject matter of all sorts since as far as I can remember. My rather synchronistic journey has led to my being featured on the hit TV series Ancient Aliens, as well as The Curse Of Oak Island which are both featured on History Channel. In my podcast "The Way Of The Truth Warrior" I discuss the FULL story on all things fringe that you will not see on TV, and also draw from my experience as a martial arts coach and public speaker to help share the many tools I have discovered to assist you in discovering your innate potential and life's passion; and to make it a reality. I combined the two power words "Truth" and "Warrior" for the show as a fitting mission statement that highlights the need for courage when on the path of finding out the truth about yourself, and the world in which you live. Our podcast motto is borrowed from Bruce Lee: "All kinds of knowledge is ultimately self-knowledge"

My co-host Ryan is a technical wiz, father of 2 amazing kids, football/hockey coach, and all around great guy. Ryan will be there to help provide you with the skills and knowledge-base necessary to build your dream website or online project from a technical perspective, and I must say I am thrilled to have him on board!

Together we feature an eclectic array of world class guests from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise on every subject you can possibly imagine! Ryan and I live for this, and are proud to have achieved a top quality production to give you the best overall experience, and to match the quality of the content we produce. Our goal is to make it even better, and with your help WE CAN. I chose Patreon because I believe in building win/win relationships. I believe everyone should and CAN be successful doing what they are meant to do in this life, and we should ALL get paid well for our efforts by a fair exchange of value for value. If any of our content adds value to you along your life's journey, we would be honoured to have you as our patron here on Patreon! Your contribution will help us take this baby to the next level of success, and we know you will get far more from us in return! It's because we truly love what we do, and I must say...we are damn good at what we do!

As a patron, you will get special treatment based on your contribution to this project. You will get access to special exclusive content such as private vlogs, tutorials on martial arts, personal development, web development, podcasting etc, and also behind the scenes episodes, shout outs, cross promotion, show influence, patron-only chatrooms, and more!

Check out our reward tiers and choose our worth. We only want your contribution if you absolutely love what we do! Join us in our mission to enlighten, inspire, and inform as many people as we possibly can with this groundbreaking Truth Warrior project. Lets find out the Truth about who we are, why we are here, and what is really happening in this world and how to change it! As we dive into the mystery of being, let's find out together how to be successful and fulfilled in ALL areas of life.

Let's build this together!

Cheers to you, and thanks in advance!


Dave & Ryan

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