On this drive I defend Christmas, and do a topical opinion piece on the Christmas controversy. I talk about the PC culture and how the term "Christmas" has now become a politcally incorrect/offensive term for some, and is completely demonized as "satans holiday" by others, and yet despiite this, the cultural holiday unique to the west is still loved and appreciated by many in their own unique way. Including Me.

I share a few personal stories, and some ideas I have come across about the origins of christmas, and chat about the variety of different cultures that celebrate the same time of year with differing mytholgies and slightly different dates, and how many of the core ideas central to this european tradition are unique in some aspects, and fairly universal in others. 

I will soon do a podcast episode covering this subject in a more detailed manner, but this is just a fun look at my personal take on the holiday that I have loved since I was a little dude. 

My Site: Way Of The Truth Warrior

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