In this episode I speak with Rafa Conde who is a law enforcement officer, martial arts instructor, educator and podcaster. Rafa holds black belts in Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido and Siriat Knife Fighting. He has also studied Jiu Jitsu, Piper Knife Fighting, Kali and Shooto Wrestling. During his quest to understand the warrior mind, he studied Zen under one of the first American Zen monks in Japan. His eagerness to learn has taken him around the world to study from numerous high ranking master instructors.

Rafa's turning point in his life occurred when he felt the calling to do something meaningful with his life. Rafa went from a successful Wall Street Broker to a Law Enforcement Officer. The change of hats took him to a field where he was exposed to the darkness of humanity and the violence of the street. Working in one of the most violent cities in America amplified the impact. For the majority of his career he was assigned to combating the trafficking of illegal drugs into the U.S as a VICE- Undercover Narcotics Agent. He has been assigned to County and Federal Task Forces including MADTF and the DEA. Rafa has also operated in high risk environments as a SWAT Officer and a Street Team Agent. Expanding his horizons, Rafa became an adjunct instructor at the Police Academy specializing in Defensive Tactics and Firearms. Rafa has traveled throughout the US and South America training Military, LE, security details and warrior minded individuals in close quarters combatives and close quarters firearms.

After seeing first hand the progressive demise of the alpha-male and a negative shift in men's confidence, Rafa felt compelled to start a movement that focused specifically on the development of an optimum performing alpha-male. A warrior that could walk confidently in life by adapting, overcoming and winning at the game of life. This movement transcended the self help and fitness models found everywhere. His goal was to dive deeper into what it took to be a modern day warrior and create a unique model that would bridge the gap between the medieval warrior and the modern day warrior, giving men practical and useful tactics, techniques and information to live a life that embodies the warrior spirit. Warriorbreed was born after several years of research and development.

Rafa continues to focus on spreading the Warriorbreed movement to warrior minded men from all walks of life through exceptional virtual training content, webinars, seminars, speaking engagements and the Man of War Podcast.

In this show we discuss his diverse background, the role of warrior-ship and martial arts in society, the current victim culture and mindset rampant in society today, the misconception about law enforcement as well as the truth about elements of corruption within the police and military, how law enforcement is changing under Trump, the Zen mindset, how to properly teach young children about self esteem and character building, survival, street combat, fire arms training and the 2nd amendment and MORE.

Enjoy, hope it helps!

- DW

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