Are conspiracies real? Which are true and which are just plain crazy? On this drive I share my thoughts on conspiracy theory. I define the term conspiracy via a legal dictionary, a sociological dictionary, and compare it to what most people incorrectly assume about conspiracy research, or conspiracies in general. I then share my theory on what I think the real "conspiracy" actually is, and how understanding how the elite criminal mind works is indeed relevent to what is taking place in our current time. I get into how globalism is a religion, and how the true global conspiracy is far bigger than isolated events like assassinations, banking scams, left vs right, communism vs capitalism, religion vs religion etc. I define the difference between globalism and globalization to clear up some common misunderstandings, and discuss the "global conspiracy" from the persepctive of the conspirators themselves who are on record. How does this relate to your own journey of personal development and self actualization? Tune in to find out!

This is part one of a series I will do on this subject. Stay tuned! - DW

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