Talking Cannabis with Kemal Evans and finding out the Truth About Cannabis.  A lot was discussed on this episode.


Kemal has been relentlessly pursuing Cannabis medicine for over a decade. His connection to horticulture and herbal medicine spans 35+ years with his first organic gardening experience beginning as just a toddler. No stranger to Cannabis, Kemal grew up in the Southern Gulf Islands off the West coast of BC where he honed his 14 years experience in the medical marijuana field. Well versed in all methods of plant and extract production, he also continues to breed incredible hybrids. Kemal has been a gardener, now Senior gardener at the 3rd ever Licensed Canadian Production facility licensed under the once MMPR now ACMPR program.

Kemal consults internationally on all aspects of cannabis production and use. He has consultation experience working with people suffering from Lyme, Cancer, Arthritis, MS, seizures and many other chronic illnesses.

Kemal is NOT a doctor nor does his opinion constitute medical advice. Kemal does not purport to offer his opinion as medical advice.
Any information shared is for adults of sound mind who would like to learn how to use cannabis more safely and effectively.
This information is intended only for those who are licensed and legally permitted to use cannabis. Let’s learn together my friends!

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