Millions of people all over the world—including, by one estimate, half of the U.S. population—believe in conspiracy theories. Today, that figure may be even higher, according to political scientists and psychologists who study the phenomenon.
In this LIVE episode I interview Author/Conspiracy researcher Michael Tsarion about the recent attempts by the media to discredit and accuse alternative researchers and conspiracy investigators of "Narcissism" being "Misguided by uneducated opinion" "Psychological Delusion" & "Spurious accusation" as well as the recent FBI document which warns that "conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat."

Is there any truth to these claims? Do real political conspiracies actually exist? Is there a conspiratorial element to human nature itself? Is there a psychological blindspot to the conspiracy deniers themselves that is being conveniently overlooked?

These questions and more.

Conspiracy theories and domestic terrorism

The kinds of people who are more likely to believe in conspiracies

FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat

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