In today's episode I will be speaking with Beth Martens about current events, the rise of the entrepreneur, & how to take back our FREEDOM. Check out Beth's background & website here: 

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Many people out there still give their money to walmart, target, costco, amazon etc. We give these big corporations our money till we die. The big idea behind my sponsor patriot switch is that we have found a family owned, patriot owned manufacturer that manufactures 100% of their product line in house and competes with these big box monopolies. So, what if a bunch of us little guys banded together and we all stopped giving those big guys our money? If we could redirect our existing spending away from target and walmart etc over to a family owned alternative that does it right, we could make a dent and spread the word to others to do the same. Anyone interested in that?
Book a tour of the store here and see for yourself:

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