In this interview I speak with DIA agent Austin Steinbart about his take on Q. Is it legit? I leave it to you to decide for yourself. Watch this video along side this interview: BLACK OPS 101 - The Truth About The CIA

I have been quietly working on a research project on QAnon for the past 5 months or so. I started out with the intention of debunking it. I got more curious as I went deeper and actually looked at it all. In an effort to learn more, I tried reaching out to numerous Anon channels for interviews. Not one responded to me. However, through a random connection on Instagram I got connected to a very interesting individual. I went in skeptical AF. I still remain skeptical on a healthy level. I kept the interview friendly so he could speak freely. If he is lying, he will be found out. If he is telling the Truth, time will reveal it. I vetted Austin to the furthest extent possible. The information he presents and the confidence in which he presents it, is impressive. I found myself liking him and agreeing with much of what he said from a research standpoint, even if I cannot possibly know for sure at this stage if he is the real deal. I watched every one of the videos Austin sent me and followed up on all the breadcrumbs, proofs and names he dropped. I listened to his detractors. Regardless, I am impressed with the Q project after actually going through it all. Everyone has their opinions on Q but few have actually taken the time it takes to look into it. I read all the “Q is a psyop” material alongside the thousands of actual Q posts and POTUS tweets. I read two books on Q and have been watching closely out of sheer curiosity. Is it real? Is it fake? A few more questions came to me as I was reviewing all this as a personal research project. Why hasn’t Trump ever denounced Q and has in fact hinted to them for the past 2 years? Why hasn't Austin been arrested and convicted of impersonating a Federal officer? Why are POTUS tweets in line perfectly with Q posts? How is the information Q is dropping so accurate and verifiable? If Q is a cult, why is it promoting the opposite of cult mentality and encouraging verification and independent research and free thinking? Have certain factions of Q become cultish and territorial? Is this because of the Q project itself or the people who flock to it? Why does the media spend time and money attacking the Q movement relentlessly if it’s so crazy? Why are the critics of Q so grossly uninformed about the actual evidence dropped by Q? I tested this theory multiple times on people I knew. At the very least, these are some good questions to ponder. One of Austin's tweets states: "How many COINCIDENCES before it becomes mathematically IMPOSSIBLE?" which is referencing a popular Q post: I read every MSM and alt-media article I could find on QAnon. I then found the Q clock and started doing the math. I was shocked. I was blown away by the level of knowledge my guest had on the subjects I’ve personally studied for 18 years. If it's a psyop, it's a psyop exposing the king of psyops: the CIA/MI6/Deep state/MS Media. Interesting... I will continue to watch as things unfold and should it all be the most well planned and intricate hoax of all time, then I will be the first to expose it. Either way it's interesting to say the least. During the interview we had numerous odd shut-downs of my Skype channel during the call which had to be done via phone to Skype. It was odd because my internet was working fine and all other sites as well. I tested the system numerous times and had zero issues prior to the call. Could have just been 3 random glitches in a row. Anyways, this is still an ongoing inquiry. I have never told anyone what to believe or what to think. I still need to see more myself. I only want to know the Truth. I keep this motto on my desk: There is what we think we know, and then there’s what actually is. What do you think? I will leave it to you to decide what you believe. Time will tell all...

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